Welcome to Beginners Mind

Beginner’s Mind is an educational organisation based in Edinburgh, offering courses in mindfulness meditation.

Beginner’s Mind provides down-to-earth, educational mindfulness courses with experiential practice. These courses are delivered in a friendly, communicative, and stimulating manner to help participants deepen their understanding of the practices of mindfulness.

Beginner’s Mind offers two main courses:

Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC). and Mindfulness and Expressive Writing Courses (MEW).


We can also tailor sessions to suit your preferences.


We offer short courses and long courses, as well as introductory and taster sessions.

These courses can be run online or in person.

Please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.

Up & Coming Courses

Coming up is a Mindfulness and Expressive Writing Course available to join in July, in conjunction with the Scottish Poetry Library. 

Currently it will run online via zoom (this may change, but is unlikely at the moment, I'll keep you posted). 



The courses are designed to develop mindfulness practice and creative/expressive writing. They are available to all levels of mindfulness and writing experience. 

 If you have any questions get in touch. 


I look forward to meditating with you. 


Feel free to spread the word to those you know who have an interest in mindfulness or writing or may like to develop their interest. 

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